Resently i have picked up Bouldering at a gym nearby called Boulderhal Krachtstof. It is close to my house and it comes with a gym where i try to improve in calisthenics.


Chess is a fascinating game that challenges the mind and stimulates the imagination. I have been playing chess since I was a child, entered tournaments and joined the chess club. I stopped playing chess for a while when I was busy with school and other activities, but I rediscovered my passion for it when I entered university.


My parent took me skiing from an early age, I started skiing when i was 3 years old. We always go on ski holiday with another family. In 2021 I went to Austria to get my ski-instructor certificate called an Anwarter. I am plannig to participate in the program for the advanced ski-instructor certificate(Landes)


Animation is something I am a true beginner at. I like drawing and on Youtube I get contstantly inspired by creators such as Jaiden Animations or Domics to do more animations. Unfortunately I am not the best at drawing but I have been practicing and try to improve with the drawings and with that the animations.